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Don’t Move On

Ok, so you wanted the new practice instead of an old one. So here it is. This is called, “Don’t Move On.” It’s an invitation to revisit something that is already working for you, to fully appreciate its utility or enough-ness, and to stick with it rather than moving on to something new.

It could be some technology or gadget you’re using that is good enough for your needs. Maybe it’s a job, a tool, a business method, a kitchen appliance or even a relationship that you’re thinking of leaving behind for an “upgrade.”

But wherever you go, there you are, as the saying goes. And if the “you” that you’re taking with you wherever you go is in the habit of constantly moving on rather than fully relating to what you already have, then the new thing is just as unlikely to satisfy as what you currently have.

Just have a look at the tendency to lunge at the new offer of anything and ask yourself if you’ve already got something that works in that department, and if so, double-down on its use with full appreciation and the intention to fully experience its value and its potential.

You don’t get oil from digging down ten feet, stopping there, and then moving on to dig another new well, over and over again. Stick with what you’ve got and go deep until you strike the riches waiting in the dedicated use of a thing.

That’s all I was suggesting in the first place with this week’s message, that you have confidence in your assessment of a previous practice that already worked for you and trust your ability to extract tremendous value from its focused use.

If you clicked on the link for the “new” offering, it might mean you’re in the habit of looking for the new thing rather than maximizing the use of what you already have.