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The Problem

I created The Confidence Locator to solve a universal human challenge:

When we need to be at our best, we often think and act out our worst.

We are neurologically wired to let our lizard brain take over in the heat of challenging circumstances. That's not anybody's fault, it's just brain physics.

When I say "lizard brain" I mean flight, fight or freeze survival thinking.

Recent research has demonstrated that it's often not the real you who takes action in stressful situations. It’s your primitive instincts—a part of your cerebral anatomy called the limbic system—that tends to take control of your behavior when you perceive a situation or person as threatening.

Your Life

You’ve experienced these primal reactions first-hand:

  • If you’ve ever blown up at someone who you actually want to stay close to like a friend, family member or colleague.

  • If you've literally dodged someone in public or at work because you had something you didn't know how to work out with them.

  • If you've remained silent in a situation where you badly needed to speak up.

  • If you’ve ever jumped to do the bidding of a tyrant when you actually needed to make a boundary.

  • If you've hesitated to take on a job where you could have really shined and someone less qualified wound up in the role.

These are the kind of moments that most of us wish we could take back and replace with more confident behavior.

The Solution

My goal is to help all of us rise to our best more often.

That’s why I created The Confidence Locator.

Sign up and you’ll receive a new set of locator actions each Monday that you can use to boost your confidence levels in challenging circumstances.

Each week I'll be highlighting common stressful situations and sharing with you a few confidence hacks that you can apply in such situations to your benefit.

That's why I'm calling this project the Confidence Locator, because it will help you to find your confidence when it counts.

And it goes without saying, your contact information will not be shared with any other parties and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Go ahead and give it a try—and let this be your first bold action on a new journey to a more confident life.